We talked about the XO Sushi delivery service in 2021.

But even then the delivery service «XO sushi» stood out from the rest: good packaging, interesting tastes, bright presentation. I will quote my own note: «Try unusual rolls that are different from those that are available in other delivery services. The guys have taste, style, potential and perspective, offering Penza residents exclusive rolls»

Did the team manage to preserve the values embedded in the company’s philosophy? Moreover, the owner of the company recently changed. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Our total sample order:

  • craft roll «Mizuki» — 560 rub.;
  • craft roll «Kani nata» — 599 rub.;
  • Tom Yam – 659 rub.;
  • mochi strawberry, 2 pcs. – 438 rub.;
  • mochi mango, 2 pcs. – 438 rub.

The cost of meals is slightly higher than the average, but not as much as it was three years ago.

The order was delivered fairly quickly, even Tom Yam, additionally wrapped in foil, remained hot. Once again, I want to pay attention to the packaging.

The entire order is placed in a large paper bag, each dish is packed in personalized cardboard boxes, and Tom Yam is poured into a cardboard glass. Expensive packaging immediately changes the perception of the order, making it more expensive. Great.

Tom Yam is good. The portion is large, the taste is rich, a pleasant hint of spice. Those who prefer spicier ones can add chili slices. Lime and rice — in separate containers. The filling of the broth is absolutely not greedy: shrimp, squid, octopus tentacles. At the same time, all seafood is cooked correctly and not turned into rubber. Delicious.

Craft roll «Mizuki» — a novelty of the menu «HO sushi»: Japanese rice, cream cheese, cucumber, smoked tuna, smoked salmon, tuna shavings and sriracha sauce, giving a touch of sharpness. The roll itself was very pleasant – it clearly feels the taste of tuna, perfectly in harmony with the salty shavings and tenderness of cheese.

Craft roll «Kani nata» — another novelty: Japanese rice with cuttlefish ink, snow crab, nut cheese, tropical mango, nut sauce. Interesting taste and a very unusual combination. I was surprised by the nutty sauce, which plays with other ingredients in an interesting way with its delicate creamy taste. Well, the black color, despite the simplicity of its receipt, always looks bright and unusual.

But if you compare «Mizuki» and «Kani nata», then next time I would choose two portions of»Mizuki».

Mochi is a different story. A very popular and, let’s say, hype dessert from Japan, which is offered to guests of the best pastry shops and coffee shops. Its trick is that various fillings are packed in a delicate but elastic rice dough

HO Sushi offers mochi with strawberries and mango. Very tender and delicious. If you haven’t tried mochi yet, then this option is very decent.

«XO sushi» did not disappoint at all. Probably, the past years have even been beneficial, allowing them to fill their hands, become bolder in experiments, trying to show Penza residents that there are other rolls besides Philadelphia.

As I was recently told by a friend who is a professional sushi specialist, in our city rolls are very limited in taste and there is not even a third of what you can try. And «XO Sushi» is the team that is not afraid to experiment, surprising with something new.

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