Shawarma and burgers at Art Grill

I drew attention to the comment left under the post dedicated to the opening of the «Art Grill», which opened on the site of «There is a Buddha» (Moskovskaya, 71).

I’ll quote it: «The range is quite large, very decent shawarma, I haven’t eaten this for a long time, especially in Penza.»

I decided to check it out and went to the Art Grill at lunchtime. Worthy. Very decent, I can recommend it. Yes, everything looks simple, homey, but delicious.

I tried out a classic shawarma (190 rubles) and a very ordinary burger (I don’t remember the name) for 380 rubles. In total, the menu includes 8 items of shawarma (190-300 rubles) and approximately the same number of burgers. It’s a pity I didn’t take it off either, because the burger was delicious. There are also fries on the menu: fries and nuggets.

The guys haven’t been working that long yet, so I had to wait 8-10 minutes.

I understand that shawarma is an intimate and very personal matter. But for my taste, the «Art Grill» is excellent. Neither add nor subtract. Pretty big. It may seem a little thin in volume, but it’s satisfying. There is a lot of meat, sauces are chosen correctly and there is a sufficient amount of them. With coffee – a great lunch.

I took more of the burger for fun. I didn’t expect it to surprise you in any way, but I was wrong. A good meat cutlet with a bright taste and aroma of smoke. The buns are also dried. At first I thought it was a shish kebab burger, but no. Again, the sauces are well-chosen, and there is a slight hint of sweetness. A very decent burger for its 380 rubles. And again, satisfying, despite the seemingly small size. Try.

I don’t drink beer, but the price of bottled beer is very decent. As I understood from the name, the assortment is from Tarkos, a la Two Beavers, Weisberg, Tomato Motato, etc. I didn’t remove this part of the menu, but something in the range of 120-150 rubles.

Now they work until 23.00, but they plan to switch to a round-the-clock operation mode over time. Given the location, there should be plenty of guests. I’m sure one of you will come too.

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