«SunRent» scooter rental service in Penza in 2024

Let’s continue and finish the topic of scooter rental in Penza by talking about «SunRent» — the second service that continued to work in our city.

Let me remind you that from 2022, out of four companies: «Urent», «GreenBee», «SunRent» and «lite», only two remained: «SunRent» and «lite», which was discussed in detail yesterday.

I also talked about «SunRent» two years ago , so you can always compare the changes.

It is worth starting with the fact that, apparently, the scooter fleet has not been updated during this time. At the point at the beginning of the Olympic Alley, I saw the same Ninebot Scooter Max Plus as two years ago. I sent a letter to my local sales representative asking them to clarify the information about the models, but I haven’t received a response yet.

I note that Ninebot Scooter Max Plus was developed specifically for sharing companies. It is noteworthy that in 2022, other kicksharing companies will present simpler scooters. In 2024, I think the «lite» service will have more interesting models.

The service area has increased slightly and is similar to the one offered by the lite service in the center: Sura bank-Penza I-Lunacharsky-Victory Monument – Karpinsky-Okruzhnaya-Mira-Diesel Rent – Tambov. The company is not represented in Sputnik.

Speed limit zones added:

  •  Olympic Alley – 20 km / h;
  •  Moskovskaya – 15 km / h;
  •  U Belykh Ros Square — 5 km / h.

Around the Victory Monument, the use of SunRent scooters is generally prohibited.

Tariffs have increased in two years. In 2024, the tariffs are as follows::

  • per-minute payment: 50 rubles. + 8 rubles / min (in 2022: 30 rubles + 6 rubles/min);
  • 30 minutes: 220 rubles (in 2022: 180 rubles);
  • 60 minutes: 370 rubles (in 2022: 350 rubles).

Life insurance is enabled by default (30 rubles). The refund amount is up to 100 thousand rubles. In «lite» — up to 300 thousand rubles.

It is strange that both «SunRent» and «lite» completely ignored other districts of Penza. In the past years, the «Urent» service offered rent in Arbekovo.

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