Scooter rental service «Lite» in Penza in 2024

Scooter rental services are a hate-filled topic in the comments. Quite often it is quite justified, but I want to raise this topic again.

Unfortunately, our city is not very favorable for individual mobility vehicles to become full-fledged transport: the distances are not the same, the quality of roads and sidewalks is questionable. Of course, there are enthusiasts, but still for the most part kicksharing is entertainment for children and those who are older.

Two years ago, I wrote in detail about every scooter rental service operating in Penza, and a lot has changed since then, so out of four services: «Urent», «GreenBee», «SunRent» and » lite» there are only two» SunRent» and» lite» left. Let’s talk about the latter in detail.

In 2022, «lite» worked only in Sputnik, but now the coverage area has also appeared in the center: railway tracks on March 8-Lunacharsky-along Sura-Tambovskaya-Zapadnaya (Mira, Diesel Arena, Alley).

There are also additional speed limit zones: up to 15 km/h can be accelerated on the Olympic Alley and in the center of Penza, up to 5 km / h – around the Victory Monument.

Prices have increased. It was 6 rubles and 299 rubles (per minute and hourly), now it’s 8 and 399 rubles, respectively. If you are late on the hourly rate, the cost of additional minutes will be 8 rubles.

Along with the rental price, the amount of insurance increased to 300 thousand rubles. The cost of insurance remained unchanged – 30 rubles per trip.

The scooter fleet has also been updated. Two years ago, we used NineBot MAX PRO, now Ninebot lite L60X.

The company itself defines the following characteristics as advantages::

  • — shortened and expanded soundboard (base), allowing you to reduce trips «together»;
  • — speed up to 25 km / h and power reserve up to 45 km (the app indicates up to 24 km at 100%);
  • — front and rear shock absorbers for a comfortable ride;
  • — built-in display.

I note that the Ninebot lite L60X has wireless charging, so you can charge your smartphone during the trip by attaching it to the top of the scooter.

In the next post, we’ll talk about the SunRent service.

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