Lunch at the «Sova coffee shop»

Today I was again delicious – I ran to the Sova coffee shop (40 Moskovskaya Street) for lunch, not only to get to know the menu better, but also to chat with Alexander Loginov, the co – founder of the project.

Regular readers will remember that the last time I visited was in early December, literally, on the opening day of the coffee shop. It’s time to refresh your memories.

What I tried during a pleasant conversation:

  • — tangerine salad: mixed salad, arugula, tangerines, avocado, shrimp, parmesan, dressing (honey and fresh lemon)
  • — Benedict potato waffle with poached eggs, salmon and avocado;
  • — macaroon.

I want to mark the pitch. You don’t expect to see such dishes in a coffee shop. Still, we are all used to the fact that this format is characterized by simpler dishes, often served something ready-made. This is not a story about the «Sova coffee shop». There is also the level of a good cafe with good cuisine.

What only is a bright combination of juicy sweet tangerine, fried shrimp and tart dressing. And the air waffle, on which the yolk from a poached egg flows, which is barely touched with a knife, causes an appetite even for a well-fed person.

Avocado plays an important role in both dishes. A very risky product. Still, this vegetable does not grow in our country or even in the nearest regions, so you need to choose ripe avocados very carefully. It will be slightly harsh or on the contrary loose and black – the impression will completely spoil. In dishes from «Sova» — perfect ripeness of avocado: tender, creamy and of the desired density.

Macaroon. Despite the fact that they are not prepared in a coffee shop, but bought, it was perfect-tender and moist inside, with a crisp thin crust on the outside.

And where to go without coffee. As I said in the last article, «Sova coffee shop» is a story about coffee and its taste, so the same syrups are not here. Except for maple. But there is a huge selection of coffee for every taste and budget. I really want to try everything to find for myself the very taste and aroma that will not only get you out of bed in the morning, but also bring pleasure. I am sure that the guys in the coffee shop will be able to help everyone.

In the near future, the coffee shop menu is waiting for an update, which, I hope, we will also discuss with you.  

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